Female Rappers of the Diaspora

by Nour Team

Although rap has been around for several decades, it has steadily grown in popularity in the Arab world in recent years. What may have seemed at first to be a genre encompassing mostly male artists is now changing. In some countries, female rappers were pioneers of their genres, and in others are taking a step in the regional and global scene. Whether inside the MENA region or through its diaspora, many emerging artists are contributing to this genre.

By their personal history through their female identity, and the narratives they have to bring to the rap scene, the genre has taken a whole different set of dimensions. Songs about street life, dreams and goals, culture, womanhood, family, love and the lense of intimacy are part of what compose these heard narratives. Here are some female rappers from the Arab world that you should add to your playlist.

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Raja meziane

Algerian born and Tchec Republic resident, the Artist Raja Meziane started her career as a female rapper in 2007 with her debuts on the talent show Alhane wa chabab. As an established singer and songwriter, she writes in support for those who struggle for freedom. Prior to her singing career, she was a law student at the Universté de Tlemcen. Amongst many of her explored themes, her engagements on social injustice, inequality and corruption of Algeria are those she is committed to trilingual in her songs.


Rising artist in the Spanish scene, Omaigold sings in spanish, Derija and English to some electro spanish beat and trap influenced tracks, to open the world to a multicultural and diverse emerging scene. Her latest single “Nadie” will open your sense of appreciation for this artist.


Moving to the trap side of the scene, Barcelona based artist Lakamura released her single Breaking Bad, a reflection on her will to be different and relationships to others.


Lina Samir, also known as L1na, is a Swedish artist. Making her first appearance in the rap scene in 2019 with her guest appearance on Ison and Fille’s song “Down”. With her most recent release, her power duet Jelassi “Mitt i prick” (Right on Target) is an affirmation for future women following her steps.


This french singer Biaziouka, known angelic touch on the borders of hip-hop and pop recently released her 8 songed EP Faracha. As a trilingual artist, French, Arabic and Italian influence the style she brings to each project. Her artistic persona is composed of two pillars, one luminous and positive side, and the other darker and reflective all leading the tone to her her most recent songs.


Said to be the biggest lead in the French rap scene, Doria has made her way since 2019. Her high debit flow is driven by her fierce and sincere character. Adding to her presence as an artist, her mix of pop- and hip hop, mixing rapping and singing make her today the “future boss of rap” for French media. Amongst her most prominent discourses, talks against glossophobia, everyday life, treason and progress.