Ko Shin Moon, Live from the grand sofar hotel

by Nour Team

Founding their band after a four year long trip in India, Ko Shin Moon is a musical bridge between hybrid melodies where psychedelia meets space disco. Mixing the sounds and harmonics of the sitar, the electric bağlama and oud riffs, the band follows their credo: eclecticism, cosmopolitanism and hybridity.

In 2017, their first eponymous album was released, creating a space for the research and confrontation of traditional melodies. The album marked the start of a fruitful collaboration with Paris-based record label Akuphone, with whom they share a common ambition: the renewal of listening practices through open borders.

Alongside projects such as Altin Gün, Acid Arab, Ammar 808, and record labels Bongo Joe, Glitterbeat Records and Sublime Frequencies, Ko Shin Moon puts forth the concept of “outernational” music, challenging listening practices as well as an out-dated idea of World Music.

Today, after touring late 2021in Egypt and lebanon to promote Miniature #1, Ko Shin Moon releases a performance at Beirut Grand Sofar Hotel with goals to collaborate with Lebanese musicians and follow their ambition: the renewal of listening practices through open borders. In collaboration with Lebanese videographer Gabriel Haddad, musicians Samah Boulmona and Ahmed Khateeb – two active members of Metro Al Madina central to Beirut’s underground scene, they perform a live session in Beirut’s hotel where Umm Kulthum, Farid El Atrache and Asmahan stayed.

The Grand Sofar Hotel, built in 1892 by the Sursock brothers and closed during the civil war, was a hotel and casino that emblematically marks the independent music scene and the local situation faced by all. Despite the economic failure and total lack of perspectives, some artists decided to stay in Lebanon and keep their cultural places alive – For Ko Shin Moon, this video is an occasion to speak about them.