Seeing Algeria through curiosity: An interview with Nassim Herkat

Nassim is an Algerian, born and raised in Saint-Denis, Paris, who now spends his time living between Nice and Algiers. In 2017, he created ‘Kabtihkayti’, whose name stems from the Algerian Arabic phrase ‘my bag, my story’. His main aim in creating the project was to break stereotypes that those from developing nations and modest financial backgrounds cannot travel and explore the world.

An interview with Disco Arabesquo

“The thing is that people don’t expect Arabs to be creative and it often surprises them to see that the music is also inspired by different genres that are not just traditional Arabic sounds, but also the sounds of the West, but also the East.”

Solidifying an identity through spoken word: Mariam Ben Slama

My interview with Mariam Ben Slama covers her experience with Le Grand Oral 2021 on France 2. She competed in an eloquence competition on national French television in March, where her speech entry covered her struggle with her North African identity in France and how to take back agency over how she is portrayed in French society.

Adriano Pimenta

“We cannot avoid our background, and if I’m taking photos it’s in my DNA, something that must be present when I relate with my subjects, It’s something that I need to live. “