IRAN: 1980-2003

submitted by Molly Flowerdew

This collection of photos begins in the early 1980s and shows Maryam, a young 20 year old Tehrooni women living her life in the city with her friends, family and older brothers. The photos progress to Maryam’s wedding day where she married her husband Jahandar in 1987. The rest of the photos show their life together with their parents in law in the Albors mountains, on ski trips to Shemshak and visiting Baluchestan province. They had 3 children with their youngest son shown in the image in Saei Park 2003. In 2005 they moved from Tehran to Dubai where they raised their children and finally moved to London in 2013. I met their youngest son Alidad at school in London when we were 13 and we have been dating since, we are now both 21. The whole family have welcomed me and embraced me into the Persian culture. I am now a lover of Iranian cuisine, am beginning to understand the language and am in admiration of the cultural heritage and history of Iran.

Maryam has piles of large photo albums in the family home with thousands of photos depicting her childhood in Iran, her family, friends and children. I love to sit down and go through each one seeing the beauty of Iranian architecture, the fashion of Iranians in the 70s and national celebrations. I felt that so many of the photos in the albums would be helpful in breaking down media stereotypes of the Middle East and countries such as Iran which are so often misrepresented by the West. Therefore I wanted to share these photos from my parents in law with the hope it can help others fall in love with the Middle East as much as it did for me.

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