Nooriyah, London based DJ brings us her upbeat electronic perfromance, mixing new arrivals to older classics, in her own high energy style.

Moving Still brought front stage old classic songs of the Middle East and North Africa, giving his Hip-Hop sampling influence twists, combined to rythmic jazzy notes and melodious Arabic. 

As an Amsterdam based artist, Palestina Robotica has trully merged the progressive melow techno scene to experimental arabic tunes, reflecting of of the many local MENA music scenes based in the netherlands.

Akladios brings the energy to our home settings with highly up beat tunes and a summer vibe.

Palestinian techno DJ Sama AbdulHadi, not traditionally mixing  Middle Eastern sounds, has incorporated elements and tunes of the region, celebrating the beauty of the Middle East.

German Label owner and perfomer Habibifunk has opened the stage to some op the biggest jazzy classics of the region.

Nesa Azadikhah has honoured the launch event with a progressive buildup, from sounds of her roots to michael jackson pop songs, showing the new generation understanding of music.