by Noura Smiley

My homeland and I
are in perfect

She only knows half of me
and I know
I’m not enough for her.

I’ve run her earth through my fingers
and mixed my breath with hers
She leaves her scent on me.

I’ve never shared her suffering.
Still, she listens to my broken tongue
and understands me.

I’m nothing without her
but I was mothered by another land
even though
she is the setting of my dreams

She’ sorry
she forgives me

I come and I leave
I come and I leave


Son of Light

by Noura Smiley

Mothered by light
you took my hand 
and tried to save me
from that which is certain

Now we’re apart
but I think we are 
reaching for each other 
at the same time
and one day something divine 
will take my hand and wrap it in yours.

I see the word in words
and the land continues to
spell your name
no matter how many things 
bloom and unbloom
In your absence.

When both love and death call,
It’s the same force on the other end

and I feel your pull
no matter how faint
so I will continue to flicker
until I am gone,
until I can find my way back
to your fingers of light