Marrakesh diary

by Rida Tabit 

24 years old, born in Marrakech, Morocco. Rida’s passion for  photography started in 2017 with a focus on social and  documentary photography. His work reflects first and  foremost his primary source of inspiration, which is the  Moroccan culture. In 2020, he co-founded Noorseen  collective along with 13 moroccan young photographers.  

After graduating with a master degree in Management and  Economics sciences in 2020, he started using the medium of  photography as a tool research to deal with social and  economic issues.  

For Rida, photography is a means to an end that he uses for  a better understanding of the world, the people around him,  and his own self.


Marrakech diary (on-going) is a celebration of the city of Marrakech with a series of street photographs in which I document the daily life of the residents and the streets of my hometown. Marrakech is best known for its touristic and exotic places. However, the aim of this project is to shed light on the daily life of the locals while sharing my unique and personal perception of the relationship between the urban landscape and its inhabitants, celebrating light and the way it projects shadows on passers-by. The main goal of this project is to uncover daily stories and to spotlight an often overlooked reality of the Marrakech locals life through my unique and personal perception of the city  and its inhabitants. As a photographer born and still living in Marrakech, the title of this series “Marrakech diary” is inspired by my own personal daily experiences this city. These experiences strongly contribute to the constitution of my own perception of the city. So, the word diary refers to me, my person, and my daily experiences, while Marrakech refers to my own perception of my hometown.